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To arouse students’ interests in learning English.
To facilitate students to acquire, develop and apply knowledge in English.
To develop students’ competence in using the four language skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading.

Programmes and Plans:
1. Home-reading Programme and Reading Assessment
  Reading is an important part in our curriculum because it provides precious input for students. Therefore, we implement Home-reading Programme and Reading Assessment throughout the whole year.
Students can enjoy reading by themselves all the time because they can borrow books home for independent reading. It is a good chance to cultivate their reading habit.
Students’ reading ability is monitored by Reading Assessment so they know what books they should read and they can set a target to challenge themselves with the higher- level books.
2. Story-telling Programme

In order to arouse students’ interest in reading and encourage them to apply what they have learnt from the readers, we conduct a series of storytelling lessons in each level.
Students love sharing stories with their classmates and schoolmates. It is a fun activity students can practise reading, speaking, listening and writing skills at the same time.

3. Language-rich Environment

Different English activities, for example, Storytelling Competition, English Singing Competition and Christmas Activity, are organized regularly so as to provide an English-rich environment for students to practise English. 

4. Three NETs

NETs carry out different programmes such as Phonics Programme and Reading Programme for P.1 to P.3, and Writing Programme for P.4 to P.6.